Gillian Eliza

Yoga Instructor

Inhale, yes I can. Exhale, yes I will.

The best part of a yoga practice can be that moment when everything melds together. Body - Mind - Breath - Yoga. This is where our worries & the persistent voice in the back of our heads becomes quiet. This is the experience we strive for: working towards that moment of calm. Whether that moment comes from breathing, a gentle flow, or even a butt kicking workout, we can find it together.

I offer variety of styles depending on what you are looking for:

Trauma Informed Yoga. 

Anxiety Management. 

Beginner to Advanced Vinyasa.   

Yoga Strength Training.  

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Training & Credentials
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Studio Schedule 

Black Swan Yoga

Monday: 7am Flow (Westgate)

Tuesday: 7am Flow (Westgate) & 6pm Flow (Anderson)

Wednesday: 2:30pm Flow (East)

Thursday: 9am, 10:30am, 2:30pm  Flow (Anderson)

Friday: 12 & 1:15pm 45 min (East),  6pm Flow (Anderson)

Austin Bouldering Project

Monday: 9am Vinyasa 2 & 5:30pm 75min Power

Wednesday: 9am Vinyasa 2

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